OnPage.org Package for Neos?

I recently received an email from Falk Jaresch from OnPage.org offering the following:

My name is Falk and I’m in charge of cooperations at OnPage.org. We are the leading software tool for SEO and quality management of websites. More than 90.000 users worldwide trust in our expertise, including Disney, Gore and Zalando.

Recently, we have partnered up with Yoast, the most popular Wordpress SEO plugin, and see a huge success in that cooperation for both sides.

Surely, it could be interesting to think about working together directly, e.g offering your users free real-time checks of their websites.

What do you guys think about that and is someone interested in talking with Falk and finding out some details?


Sounds good, lets have it.

@berit would you be in for a first round of communication with Falk? You could try to figure out what kind of cooperation he imagines and what would be the benefit for us (the Neos team / community) if we invested some work into it.

@robert I would like to focus on the relaunch and already have problems in finding enough time for that. Would be great if someone else who maybe could also organize next steps after a first call could care about this.


we are using onpage.org, it’s great and I like the guys behind. But it is, still today easy to use with Neos even without a dedicated package. No need to hurry (from my perspective).

Anyways, feel free to forward Falks request to me and I will try to get some onpage.org Neos package up on github.


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I could help you develop some stuff @martin_herr. I’m also interested in the integration for some private projects!

Hi @brgmn, @stolle,

did you have further contact with Onpage (Ryte) regarding this?
And any progress with a related package?

I’m working on the first release of the Yoast for Neos package (https://github.com/Sebobo/Shel.Neos.YoastSeo) and this seems all a bit related.
As we use it too at punkt.de I think it would be cool to get some kind of simple integration.

I can also join in on this topic.