Organising issues in Jira

In Jira we currently have two projects (Neos and Flow) which cover multiple packages (including TypoScript, Fluid, Google Analytics etc.). I think we don’t have a clear concept yet where issues should go for which package (for example, should EEL issues go to Flow or Neos?) and how we use the issue’s “Component” field.

I suggest that we create an inventory of packages which we support and then

  1. discuss and decide which package belongs to which Jira project
  2. think about rules for the Component field (for example, a component could be a package key or the human friendly name of a package)

Any ideas / comments related to this topic?

To complicate matters, what about an issue with Eel in the Neos package, for example?

@robert: Good that you bring it up. We never quite finished setting Jira up properly. I’d go for the human readable label of the packages we support, which is also what I’ve tried to use so far.

@kdambekalns: I’d say the components are the packages, if you have an eel issue in Neos use a Eel label for it to categorize it.