Override Neos Plugin View

currently I’m creating a Plugin using Flow. The views are generated using fusion. If someone wants to use the Plugin, but wants to change the generated view. How can he override the different views without changing the files from the Plugin?

I recommend not to use PluginViews as this will likely be deprecated soon.


  1. Consider modeling your usecase with NodeTypes. Use a NodeType derived from Neos.Neos:Document for Details and List NodeType that is derived from Neos.Neos:Content to be placed everywhere and create links to detail-documents.
  2. If you have a need for business logic consider creating an EEL Helper to fetch the data and render using fusion.
  3. If you have lots of controller logic use a single Neos.Neos:Plugin. You can link to other documents containing the same plugin but this is a bit weird.
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