Own JavaScript does not rerun by Backend's «Apply»

Hi together,
is there an event triggered at the end of the «Apply-Process»?

I wrote an JavaScript-Function which control CSS-Animations. Everything run properly,

  • in Front-End: all the time
  • in Backend: when run first-time or reload the hole Backend with browser’s reload-button.

It does not the job, when I press «Apply» in the backend. I’ve found »nprogress.js«, but no event triggering or something else within to listen to. Maybe the script who use »nprogress.js« will choose an event?
I do have to rerun my script (or part of it), when «Apply» is done. What can I do for?

Is there an event to listen for, or another approach?
Maybe someone knows a doku-location/guidance, where is written how to create «JS-code» to use after Backend-actions like «Apply»?
Thanks Martin

Take a look at … http://neos.readthedocs.io/en/stable/ExtendingNeos/InteractionWithTheNeosBackend.html?highlight=interaction%20with%20the%20backend

Neos will not reload the whole page. Instead only the body or even single ements are rerenderd. That way your code will not recieve the usual page-load events. For that case Neos sends some extra events that your code has to use in addition to page-load.

Hi @martoro,
perfect Link!
Neos skills: Once more fascinating.
Thank you - run smoothly.