Package loading order, RequestPatterns and authentication Strategy

I recently updated to Neos 2.2.2 (from 2.2) and faced the problem that I wasn’t able anymore to get the logged in backend user in my own authentication provider to connect the “Typo3BackendProvider” account and my “InstagramOAuth2Provider” account to the same user.
After a heavy debugging session I realized, that the requestPatterns and authenticationStrategy in the configuration did not match the values they had before the update. (most probably because of the loading order of packages)

Even IF I can manage to create the correct loading order so I don’t need to declare the settings in the general Configuration.yaml I wonder if it wouldn’t be a better approach to allow for “adding” to requestPatterns in packages? At the moment I can only overwrite the whole controllerObjectName and this is bound to be problematic when using 2 extensions that want to alter this line.

Typo3BackendProvider: requestPatterns: controllerObjectName: 'TYPO3\Neos\Controller\.*|TYPO3\Neos\Service\.*|TYPO3\Media\Controller\.*|Weissheiten\OAuth2\ClientInstagram\Controller\.*|Weissheiten\Neos\InstagramMedia\Controller\.*'

We move in this direction definitively :wink:

good to know, thank you