Page folder to structure pages in navigation tree

Hey guys,

i would like to group some pages of a website into a folder for a better focus/overview. I can create a Shortcut for this, but this would change the URI as well as it adds another uriPathSegment.

What i found 'till now are the following discussions:

However, both solutions create an extra uriPathSegment which i’m trying to avoid. Is there any other way to create a structure like this

* Page1
* Folder (for example for microsites)
  * Microsite1
  * Microsite2
* Page2

and then access Microsite1 with

Looking for something very similar: in context »landigpages»

  • Could be a solution with @sebobo’s gist (At the end I decided against, because it offered a lot of possibilities for editors to destroy the system.)
    Maybe you will find an approach with, to code a more bullet-proof editor-save solution …

A customer of mine actually uses it for more than 2 years now without issues.
Of course it can create collisions if two nodes in two subtrees have the same name but the code just leads to the first one then and in the backend the code is inactive.
Therefore the chance for an editor to destroy the system is not that big in my opinion.
Like with other url related tools (same in TYPO3 with real url f.e.) it always comes with disadvantages or dangerous side effects.

But I think I should update the gist again, because I improved some parts of it by now.

Thanks for mentioning it :smiley:

Wouw - Great! Sorry I didn’t see that. :see_no_evil:
That makes it look completely different to me.

Would be nice too – thank you @sebobo!

Okay I checked. The code is up-to-date, I just added some more information regarding the features.
I don’t have a Neos 3.* version yet, but it shouldn’t be too hard to upgrade the code to work with that.

Hi sebobo, hi marvin
thank you for your work and making a neos 3 package.
I have a brand new neos.demo and went to the theme package Packages/Sites/Neos.Demo.
Then I was running composer require breadlesscode/neos-nodetypes-folder --no-update
and composer update.
Now there is a new package on Packages/Plugins called Breadlesscode.NodeTypes.Folder.

Can you tell me please, what to do for running on neos backend. At the moment I can not see any new possibilities.

I’m no programmer and I have no experience of neos. Maybe thats the reason for.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @berndh,

there should be a new page type “Folder” available when you click the “Add new page” plus sign.
Hope that helps.

Hi Benjamin,
thank you. I’m sorry, but there is no new page type. That is my problem.