Page NodeType without Link in the menu

Hi, i would like to build e menu with some parentitems without a link. Its only a title for the subitems.
I put a new document nodetype. How can i remove the menu link from this? Is that the job of typoscript or can i do that only with yaml editing?

Hey @stefkey,
maybe you will find a solution in Fluid-MenuTemplate itself?

Define your own fluid-template with different rendering for firstLevel (parent-items without link-creation (if there are standard-pages)) -> or maybe you add an property in ‘TYPO3.Neos.NodeTypes:Page’ or in your own «new document nodetype» (like «blnWithLink») to choose, if Neos should create or create-not a link for each particular page in your Menu.

The default-Menu-Template you will find under
to copy, adapt and chose for templatePath in prototype or root.ts2.

Maybe there is also a built-in solution to switch, but so you would stay more flexible, I guess.
Hope will help

Check \TYPO3\Neos\TypoScript\MenuImplementation::buildMenuItemRecursive basically you can extend this PHP class in your own package, and just override the buildMenuItemRecursive method to had a flag renderLink true/false and update the template to check this value. Add this to your TS code:

prototype(TYPO3.Neos:Menu) {
@class = 'Your\\Package\\TypoScript\\MenuImplementation'

Welcome in the low level TS customization :wink:

Simply change the template to your needs. No need to override anything.