partialRootPaths override in neos-site type Package

I have some difficulties in understading how the requestFilter in Views.yaml works.

I’m on latest Noes 3.1 and I’m trying to override the default partialRootPaths of my site package
from: resource://My.Package/Private/Templates/Page/Partials
to: resource://My.Package/Private/Partials

but whatever filter I try to use I keep receiving the following error (correctly as I moved Partials folder to the final location):

The partial files "resource://My.Package/Private/Templates/Page/Partials/[...].html", "resource://My.Package/Private/Templates/Page/Partials/...", 
"resource://Neos.Neos/Private/Partials/[...].html", "resource://Neos.Neos/Private/Partials/[...]" could not be loaded.

Where is that path segment (Templates/Page/Partials) configured? What kind of requestFilter should I set to override it in My.Package/Configuration/Views.yaml?

Thank you very much for the constant help,

This is not configurable via Views.yaml which solely works on request level. You need to set that in your fusion partialRootPath.

hi @christianm thank you for the info,I reached the same conclusion just today after some further digging, didn’t just find time to post.

IMHO this difference in behaviour could be a little confusing for non-core developers or for people that has not much knowledge of Flow/Neos internals, let’s say those who work at integrator side.
I too stumbled upon it by chance: breaking the filter in Views.yaml I got complaints from FusionView not recognizing “options” property (or something like that I can’t remember the exact exception now).

Honestly I never knew there was such a view and I could not find any documentation about FusionView (did I miss it?). To solve the problem I got to build backward from the exception, maybe with some more docs as for TemplateView some time could be saved.

No rant here, just my two cents.

Thanks again for the always great work