Persistent "Auto-Publish" setting

When a backend user selects the Auto-Publish-Option, this setting doesn’t get persisted. That means, when s*he reloads the page or logs out and in, it is disabled again.

Is there any way to make this persistent? Could also be globally for all users.
Or is there another setting that makes it possible that all or a subset of backend users are working in the same workspace instead of personal workspaces?

Users do have persistent preferences, I thought it would be stored in there as well, but apparently not. I guess that would be the way to go, which shouldn’t be too hard to add this feature.

If someone can code react probably not… :slight_smile:
but currently it is not even sent to the server when I select the checkbox.

I just wondered if there is some workaround to improve collaboration, like I described above, without editors having to publish all the time.

Feel free to add an issue to the Github repo.
Could be less work to at least persist the option in the current session via the localStorageMiddleware.