Plugins and Layouts


i´m building a site that needs a module for presenting data, which is stored in a database. I want to be able to request the content with something like /data/category/item

So i have created a flow package with a model and a repository. Inside the package i defined a dropdown with links (e.g. /data/category/item). The Dropdown can be added from the neos backend, this works fine.

But i have no idea how to show the data inside of the site template. When i open /data/category/item in the browser, i can only see the ouput from the plugin, not inside the header and menu from the site templates.

I tried to add this to View.yaml, so that the Layout from the site package is used:

 requestFilter: 'isPackage("MYPACKAGE") && isController("CONTROLLER") && isAction("MYACTION")'
 viewObjectName: 'TYPO3\Fluid\View\TemplateView'
       'MYPACKAGE': 'resource://MYSITE/Private/Templates/Layout'

Now the site layout is used, but the menus aren´t working, also i can no more see the output from the plugin.

Can someone point me to the information i´m missing?

Thanks for reading …

Hi @damonx,

did you found a solution for that? I´´` m facing the exact same problem and dont find a way around.