Possible to export page to html?


I haven’t worked with CMS systems so far, so I have to ask a question that might appear trivial. I have to evaluate a CMS for our company where editing pages is as simple as can be. This is why I found Neos.

We need some CMS page on Neos to be export to html, because the created html also needs to be embedded in other places.

Therefore my question is whether it is possible to export some Neos CMS page to html. My question is specifically about export a single page to html and not the entire site. The exported html must also be in a state that it can be embedded in some other place as is.

Thank you,

Hi @Bienlein :slight_smile:

All content can be rendered as HTML - that is the core rendering of Neos and Fusion :+1:

You can also change the “surrounding layout”, so you get a “light version”. That is all up you your rendering, defined with Fusion.

Rendering of a page is described in this documentation part: Rendering a Page - Rendering - Manual - Neos CMS - Neos Docs

And you can embed whatever url, however you like and with what method you want to use.

I hope it helps you :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer, Søren. What is needed is a way for the end user to export a specific single page. I think your solution requires some programming.

There is no pre-build solution, at least I am not aware of any, but a user could just open the page in the frontend and use save in the browser. Alternatively you could program a backend module to facilitate that but I don’t see a benefit in this.

neos has many extension points.

you could even create in the ui a button that can be pressed to export and save the current page.

this requires of course some internal knowledge about the ui. In the neos slack #neos-ui you could reach out for help (ill be ready ^^)