Prevent scrolling in backend


how can I prevent NEOS in the backend from scrolling to the desired DOM element in the frontend preview when an element is clicked in the inspector?

My use case is a slider with multiple images. The images are aligned side by side for vertical sliding.
I.e. just the first image is visible. When I click on the third element in the inspector NEOS scrolls the view to a white space beneath the slider where the image would be… but it is not visible there, because it is hidden for sliding.
I already figured out, how to tell the slider to slide to the right image. I just can’t find where to stop NEOS scrolling the view.

Hmm, I think you can’t do that very easily. Have you considered changing your CSS so that the images are stacked on top of each other? I usually linearize sliders in the backend, so that all images in the slider are displayed, which also circumvents this issue.

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