Prioritizers | Protocol: Meeting | 2015-12-10

Attending: Aske, Berit, Karsten

Team news

Tiga had a retrospective… not working as a team, projects going slowly, members not as engaged as they should be. Decided to be less strict about only working on “approved” stuff, rather have team members work on stuff they like than have non-working team members. Resulted in more work being pulled into the board, and more work being done. Means less control by prioritizers, but that isn’t necessarily an issue.

The Minions work on the 2.1 release project, partly code-wise, partly organizational, everyone is at least a bit involved. Still, we could need more praticipation and/or manpower.

The Unicorns are all doing something, some related to Neos, some to other things. Status is a bit unclear in parts, but information is being collected. First retrospective planned for December 11th.

Backlog handling & Kitchen duties

  • Backlog handling is still an issue to be solved, we discussed some potential ways but didn’t come to a real conclusion.
  • Some team members just don’t seem to like working on those issues, but as long as a team is ok with handling that, it’s fine.

Pending Gerrit changes

The deadline for moving changes from Gerrit is December 31st

  • announce that again publicly (@kdambekalns takes care)
  • remind teams about that deadline again