Prioritizers | Protocol: Meeting | 2015-12-17

Attending: Aske, Berit, Karsten

Team size

Teams seem to have the feeling they are (too) small, but somehow no drive to invite new people is existing. Might be due to uncertainty about the “rules” for growing the teams. @aertmann will take the topic to the transition guild and we should also discuss this in the teams.

2.1 release

Is progressing, but the date is coming closer fast. @kdambekalns will announce when the 2.1 branch can be tested and also put up a list of things people (not only from the teams) can help out with…


The need to move changes from Gerrit was announced, we agreed on having done our duty there. Hopefully people will move the(ir) (important) changes, everything else might not be a loss…

Inspiring Conference

Talk submission status was unclear, @kdambekalns will contact TechDivision and clear this up.

Actually prioritizing stuff

We still feel our role has yet to be filled with life. We think this could be changed beginning in January, since 2.1 will be off the table and there are actually enough old and new projects by now, that should actually be brought in some order and the “marketed” to the teams.