Prioritizing UI element selection

Is there a way to prioritize the selection of elements in the backend editor?

I’m trying to select a nested Text element as shown below for inline editing

However, when I click it, the parent dialog box element gains focus instead, making it impossible to edit the text.

Is there a way to set priority or override this behaviour?

Or is there a way to allow more formatting options for text properties that are editable inline? Currently, it’s missing the option links, ordered and unordered lists.

Look at the section aloha in here :

One thing that might help is the solution here (Content that is a Collection): Creating a NodeType that is Content and ContentCollection . That way you avoid the confusion between selecting the collection and the content node.

Another Problem is allow direct selection of the item and not the content inside. I dont know wether this is a problem in your case. A possible solution therefore would be to render some info-text before the content (only in backend) to give the editors something to click to.

Hey. I have same problem - i used snipper from Creating a NodeType that is Content and ContentCollection and added some properties to that contentcollection (in my case there is settings for wrapper: background color select and optional background image). Adding new content is working fine but after that i cant manage to edit contentcollection properties from inline editor. Adding static elements before/after editable field, as @mficzel sugested, won’t work - Contentcollection is not clickable.

Edit: I forgot to mention - “contentcollection” can be selected from Structure Module but is not an option when you have multi level structure…

Indeed, sometimes when adding non-box-oriented content as inline editable, the wrapping editor has troubles identifying them.

For example you can’t have a floating image content next to a paragraph content, unless you use a new custom node type that does exactly that (ie Neos.NodeTypes:TextWithImage). If you try to do it with Image node type in combination with Text node type, you will be unable to select the image from inline.

I had this problem with various use cases, some of them were better with a workaround, but in some of them I would prefer a smarter content selector.

I think a nice solution to this problem would be to change the selected content wrapper if the user clicks again on the already selected wrapper, but that’s going to be tricky since the click event fires only on the element on top of the z-index.