Problem to install Neos-package Swiftmailer with composer

sorry, but I can’t find the solution:

I would like to install typo3/swiftmialer with composer:
I found only this information:

This instruction following, my composer.json in the root-folder looks like

    "name": "mw/onepageagencysite",
    "type": "typo3-flow-site",
    "description": "Add description here",
    "require": {
        "typo3/neos": "*",
        "typo3/neos-nodetypes": "*",
        "typo3/swiftmailer": "*"
    "suggest": {
        "typo3/neos-seo": "*"
    "autoload": {
        "psr-0": {
            "Mw\\OnePageAgencySite": "Classes"

The Terminal command
composer update
composer install
Has done his work and update all the packages -> but swiftmailer is not installed. Neither under «Packages/Application» like in the linked description

yet Finder can find the packages somewhere on the hole disk.
I restart also the terminal many times … Delted the require line, rewrite and resaved it, and run both commands more than once …

After the composer diagnose I did composer self-update. restart terminal. But no change with composer update .

Do I have to do some settings somewhere else, (maybe announce packagist as the source) in order to install the package with the composer command? But there is nothing to find about, also not under



php composer.phar require typo3/swiftmailer --update-no-dev

worked well for me. Had the same Problem.

Great!! - It rocks …

Someone knows: That’s the normal doing with command for all packages?
composer require typo3/swiftmailer --update-no-dev

  • Is the linked information out of date?
  • Is the file composer.json in root-directory unsupported?
  • Or is this only a workaround for swiftmailer?

Other beginner-question:
If I have moved composer.phar to /usr/local/bin with
mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer,
composer require typo3/swiftmailer --update-no-dev
eaqual to:
php path/to/composer.phar require typo3/swiftmailer --update-no-dev
Or are there some differences between?

php path/to/composer.phar

can be generalized to call the composer.phar. If you renamed it it’s just the same as calling

I guess in general I should write an article about composer usage with Neos. I guess you have your site package in the same repository than your base distribution?
If that’s the case your site package is never installed via composer, so for composer this composer.json does not exist. Which means you need to add new dependencies in your root composer.json (which is what composer require typo3/switftmailer does together with running an update afterwards).

Hi Christian,
I guess I found my fault.
My mentioned composer.json file in «root-folder» was maybe the wrong one. I named the folder «Sites» as root-folder, because I found within the composer.json with the attached content above.

By writing this topic I found an other composer.json in the MySite.neos directory immediately inside of the webserver’s htdocs folder with a lot more stuff inside.

I did a fresh test-install and wrote the line typo3/switftmailer in this «more rooted» composer.json.
Magic happend: composer update has installed the wished swiftmailer package at the right place …
:pensive: Sorry about this missunderstud. :pensive:

To have more safty:
I installed Neos with:
composer create-project typo3/neos-base-distribution MySite.neos (*1)
./flow kickstart:site Sd.MySite MySite (*2)
./flow site:prune (*2)
rm -rf Data/Temporary/ * (*2)

(*1) recommended in Installation & Setup - Guide - Neos Docs
(*2) recommended in ebook_neos_template.pdf from Mittwald

So the directory-structure looks like this:

Is this the right way? Or what I have to do, to use the right way?

Unfortunately I can’t find documentation about ./flow site:prune in Flow 8.3 Documentation — Flow Framework 8.3.x documentation.

It should delete other installed Packages like TYPO3.NeosDemoTypo3Org. But there was still the directory with all stuff inside. I used rm to delete the directory : No problem.
But, maybe I misunderstood a second point… There was an prompt in Terminal

No database name was specified in the configuration.

  Type: TYPO3\Flow\Persistence\Doctrine\Exception\DatabaseConnectionException
  File: Data/Temporary/Development/Cache/Code/Flow_Object_Classes/TYPO3_Flow_Persis
  Line: 181

Is this command used only for delete Database-stuff or do I have use it different?

I hope it is like it should, but at the end Site/Sd.MySite is also in the same Directory «Packages» like the «Application». If repository means Directory «Packages», than maybe I did something wrong?

Did you try the setup wizard? After you installed your neos installation just oben the site in your Browser. You will be redirected to /setup and a setup wizard will appear. You probably mixed up the docs. You pointed to the Flow documentation. If you’d like to install Neos check this out

Thanks Johannes.
Of course, you’re absolutely right.
I mixed the Installation from official doc and tutorial.
Followed the tutorial instructions, with probably a bit too little knowledge of the larger context.