Problem with defining Language


I defined the language of my Neos Site like the following:

      label: 'Language'
      icon: icon-language
      default: 'mul_ZZ'
      defaultPreset: 'all'
          label: 'All languages'
          values: ['mul_ZZ']
          uriSegment: 'all'

        en_US: null
        en_UK: null
        de: null
        fr: null
        nl: null
        da: null
        lv: null

Now I get the follogwing error:

An exception was thrown while Neos tried to render your page

Notice: Undefined index: mul_ZZ in /html/neos/Data/Temporary/Development/Cache/Code/Flow_Object_Classes/Neos_Neos_Fusion_DimensionsMenuImplementation.php line 112

root<Neos.Fusion:Case>/ documentType<Neos.Fusion:Matcher>/ element<AGZ.Heilbronn:DocumentStageFour>/ head<Neos.Fusion:Array>/ alternateLanguageLinks/ __meta/ context/ items<>/

For a full stacktrace, open Data/Logs/Exceptions/201812110202114338d7.txt

I only need One language (German) for the Page. Hope someone can help me.


If you only need one language, remove the dimension configration completely, why would you keep it?

^ what he says :slight_smile:

I assume you started with the demo site that has those dimensions configured by default. We should make clearer, that this is not a good starting point for custom sites…