Problem with Flow 3.3.4, version was re-tagged

Important: There was a slight hiccup with the tagging of 3.3.4 - the split packages TYPO3.Flow, TYPO3.Fluid, TYPO3.Eel and TYPO3.Kickstart, neos/utility-objecthandling have been re-tagged, so you should update.

The tags were done wrong and then a re-release was triggered immediately, the development collection at had the correct tag. But the split repositories (at,,,, neos/utility-objecthandling) were not re-tagged accordingly.

This had next relatively little influence, but a breaking change found it’s way into Flow (leading to the history module in Neos not working).

This morning we re-tagged 3.3.4 in the affected repositories, so you should run composer update to get the correct code. Or you do that later today, when a fresh patch level is expected to be released…