Problem with shared footer in Neos 2.0 Beta

Hey guys,

I have tried to add a shared footer (
In Neos 1.2 it works

I get this error:
An exception was thrown while Neos tried to render your page
No content collection of type TYPO3.Neos:ContentCollection could be found in the current node and no node path was provided. You might want to configure the nodePath property with a relative path to the content collection.
pageTYPO3.Neos:Page/ bodyTYPO3.TypoScript:Template/ footer/ __meta/ context/ node<>/
For a full stacktrace, open Data/Logs/Exceptions/2015080218354730767b.txt

Ok, I have copied the Part of NodeTypes.yaml from den TYPO3.NeosDemoTypo3Org Package and it works.