Project Kickoff: relaunch

Project Kickoff meeting: relaunch

Responsible team: Team Tiga

Attendees: Andi, Aske, Sebastian, Tobias

Berit and Aske prepared and worked on the Relaunch for a while. The whole project is in Jira now. All tickets are here:

And the relaunch epic is COM-38

Approach: start from scratch, because the old website has some fundamental flaws. Environment should be available in the next few days.

Some wireframes are attached to the epic - inspiration from ionic website.

development of bigger elements on the new website -> branch for bigger elements like showcases, team and merge into master when reasonable state

No design right now

Good thing. So we can work content focused and mobile-first. So we will create an abstract website which will get a design when the branding is further along.

Aske will work on content modelling. Define the content that we have and want.

Using Bootstrap 4 to make it easy to contribute.

There are labels attached to tickets to allow for filtering. For example for content tickets.

The idea is to have Flow and Neos in the same sections on the website - e.g. documentation and then Flow and Neos below it.


Possibly include in new Neos website? Because we would possibly have two profiles on and
Idea: use as SSO service for

We need a strategy to handle things like package listings, possibly as separate sites to make upgrades easier.


Staging system to be able to actually see anything. Work with @robert


As a note, it’s a shared project between team Tiga and Unicorn and hopefully community participation as well.