Project List and Spokespeople

Hey everybody,

as described in this proposal / posting, I’d like to create a list of projects with members and spokespeople!

Preliminary Project List

this is currently still just based on assumptions; I’ll change this as needed. Please post your comments/additions/changes and I’ll then update the list.

  • Initial Brand Setup: Florian, Robert, Tyll
  • Legal Entity Setup and planning: Tobias, Robert
  • React UI Rewrite: Sebastian K., Wilhelm, Dmitri, Markus, Tyll, Philipp Bucher
  • Neos 2.2 Release: Karsten
  • Website Relaunch: Berit, Sebastian H., Tyll, Tobias
  • Permanent Redirect Support in Flow/Neos: Dominique, Gerhard Boden
  • Split utilities / Static classes in Flow: Christian
  • Package Repository for Alexander Kappler, Sönke Michelsen, Dominique
  • [your comment here]

All the best,


Thx for starting this list, sounds good to me. @sebastian you can remove the question mark from my name in the website relaunch project :wink:
@inkdpixels, @berit already had our first project discussion last week.

I would consider myself part of the website relaunch project :smiley:

and I’m missing the CKEditor work - is that active at the moment?


@sebobo @tobias1 adjusted :smile:

CKeditor happens as part of React rewrite.

Greets, Sebastian