Project Proposal: Configurable entry points

Reading the discussion on Content Dimensions and TLDs (.de, .com, .at …) and seeing this

made me think. After a short discussion with Robert about how about adding a dimension preselection steup to Domain records we arrived at the usual but what if we step back and approach it from a broader perspective

That leads me to writing this one here, it’s not a finished proposal, but should serve as a point for refining this.

Configurable entry points

Attach entry points to a site, that could be used to

  • end up on a spcific page
  • set content dimensions

based on “things” in the request, like

  • domain
  • get/post parameters
  • cookie data
  • geoip

Those selectors could implement some interface and thus be pluggable.

See also Project Proposal: More flexible Node routing

If that is done with the flexibility I hope for we can add the configurable entry points on top.