Project proposal: Relaunch

Create a completely new and better website from scratch to replace the existing one

Our current website falls short in many ways and doing a relaunch makes more sense than patching the existing one for the follow reasons:

  • The current backend is extremely cumbersome to work with as an editor because of the amount of options available – it’s no way clear how to add content the right way
  • The current implementation is very outdated compared to how most Neos sites are integrated today
  • The design needs to be changed – the dark theme is not working well and readability is poor among other things
  • We have a lot of plans for the website and building building that with the current one doesn’t have much interest
  • The content structure is tied directly to the layout/design, making it very hard to change design and reuse content
  • In general the current implementation suffers from being rushed, e.g. very unorganized
  • The site structure is not working well – needs to be reworked to allow more content and making finding it easy

Here’s some of the plans for the new website:

  • Improved landing page
  • Re-organize the whole page structure
  • Integrate into the website
  • Feature overview for Flow and Neos
  • Improved articles (replacing current blog implementation)
  • New download page
  • Showing the community on the website (profiles, teams, guilds, professional services)
  • Improve show cases view and add a submission form and case studies
  • Relational linking between content
  • Improved roadmap

and much more


I agree with that we want a new - my only concern is that we start a huge project which only materialises after many months (or after years, like back then with So, let’s slice this, wherever possible, into smaller chunks which give us much value as possible.

In my opinion the biggest weakness right now is the content and structure. Even if it’s probably boring to many, that is, what we should tackle first.

Good point and fully agree. The idea Berit and I talked about so far was to focus on the minimum required things needed to replace the existing one and add additional features afterwards. Which is not much since the current website is mostly just simple content + news and show cases. Additionally the plan is to create a simple prototype and set up a staging site where we can create the content collaboratively early in the process. And then later apply the design, since it’s currently blocked by the ongoing branding process.

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