Project Proposal: Release Neos 2.1


Version 2.1 of Neos needs to be released, this project is aimed at coordinating this to make sure it actually happens in a timely manner.

Some features have been discussed in Frankfurt and in Planning Neos 2.1 / Flow 3.1

Also related is the discussion in Release cycle / version numbers / breaking changes


  • a new release, new features
  • an opportunity to show we deliver, create buzz
  • build trust
  • a warm fuzzy feeling and maybe even some release parties


  • miss the planned date
  • release some new bugs along the way



Thanks for taking initiative on this important project. To my knowledge there is no planned date except we said we expected those features mentioned to be done in 6-8 weeks, ~7 weeks ago. Any ideas about a new ETA or would those responsible for the project figure that out as part of the project?

I’d say gathering an overview and estimating an ETA would be one of the first tasks in that project.

I suggest December 22nd. It’s pretty close to Christmas, but an earlier date is probably difficult. And it’s a Tuesday. Given that dev-master is rather stable at the moment, I think it’s realistic to match that date.

The Minion Team should start collecting all release tasks as soon as possible and then start working on them. We merged the workspaces feature yesterday. Although I still have some improvements planned for that, it could basically be released as is and would still add quite some value. So feature-wise I think we are good to go.

22nd as in first beta or stable? and +1 for aiming for this year.

I know, it will be controversial, but I mean 2.1 stable. I think we should learn aiming for a stable release at a specific date (unless, of course, there is something really, really unforeseen which forces us to postpone the release). We should aim for a shippable master, and therefore don’t really need a long beta phase.

If you guys feel like master is not stable enough to hit match that deadline, I would strongly suggest to stop merging any features right now and jointly focus on stabilization only. But as far as I see it at the moment, I guess that a beta1 on December 8th and if needed a beta2 on December 15th should be good enough.

Are you in for such a ride? :wink:

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