Proposal: Homepage Content

As indicated on the “guild-website” Slack channel, here are my thoughts for a new Homepage content structure I think better fits Neos and describes what Neos is:


Neos Logo and Marketing Claim like

  • „Next Generation Open Source Content Management System“
  • „The most advanced Open Source Content Management System“
  • „The most innovative Open Source Content Management System“

appearing in a typewriter-effect to simulate inline editing in Neos

Features / Teaser in 3 columns

Visual Inline Editing
Put your editors first. Create and edit content with Neos’ innovative Inline Editing easier than ever before – just type your words.

Flexible Content Modelling
Adapt content types to your needs. Change building blocks, attributes and relations for content that suits your website – no database migrations needed.

Extendable Application Platform
More than just websites. Develop sophisticated web applications, integrate APIs and extend Neos’ capabilities to your liking – thanks to the powerful Flow Framework.

  • Button: Explore the features of Neos


Download and get started today!
Use Neos and download the latest release Neos 3.2

  • Button: Download
  • Button: Get Started / Documentation
  • Button: Show Demo


Show one big news article, two smaller articles.


As is …


Powering Neos
Neos is using state-of-the-art Open Source technology, tools and development patterns.

  • Logos: PHP7, MySQL, ReactJS, Composer
  • Button: System Requirements


Contribute to Neos
Become a part of the News community!

  • Button: How to contribute
  • Button: Documentation
  • Button: GitHub

Those 3 features should have short gifs showing those features in a real website. When you see the first gif on the “Editing content” site it is not clear that you actually you are editing the website live and with all frontend styles applied.

So this animation lacks the context: The Neos backend. But those are only my thouhts. I don’t know if this is the right place for them… :grimacing:

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for putting some effort into improving this area, would really like to see this improved. We initially tried to come up with a plan for how to serve visitors best possibly, but must admit we never really reached that goal.

In this document you can see the structure we came up with and which users we tried to target. Maybe this can be useful as a base and be improved upon.

In addition, a general marketing claim for Neos is a bit out of scope of this topic and should be done separately to get more people involved in my opinion.


Hi Aske,

thank you, lots of good points in there! :slight_smile:
Is this relaunch something that is on its way currently, or did nobody ever start to implement it?

To be honest, I think a relaunch—especially with so many features on the wishlist—might be a big undertaking. Alternatively, we could try to make improvements in many small steps, to ship early and often. But personally, I am open for everything.

You’re right: a general marketing claim, combined with a common language, wording and writing style adds a lot more work on top of it—or better at the base. But it is also extremely important: Is it “Frontend Editing”, “Inline Editing”, “Inplace Editing” …? Is it a “Content Management System”, “Content Application Platform”, “Framework”, …? Maybe a lot of this has already been discussed—but I don’t know of a living document to read about it (the Brand Guidelines are great, and even cover things like core values and imagery, but sadly nothing about Corporate Language).

Hi Daniel,

thank you for your work and ideas!

The relaunch document was the base for the last relaunch but was at the end done a bit differently because of time and resources.
But the approach should be to always improve it and get the things right which are not perfect right now and change the things that need a new approach.
So since then there are regular smaller updates to the website by me and others, but more help is very welcome :slight_smile:

I like the idea of giving a better introduction on the homepage and fixing the typewriter thing a bit.
We had some claims from the last conference and events, why not also include them?

Hello all,

are there any opinions about adding analysis like heat maps, screen recording, user tracking, A/B Tests?

From my point of view, it is really helpful to make decisions about changes in layout or content and understanding the users-view.

There several tools which offer free or not expensive plans.

I look forward to your reply

Okay, well: how do we want to proceed? I think we should bring together all the ideas, make a content structure and write the texts … The marketing team/channel did not yet say anything to wording in general, so we can either discuss this topic with them or make improvements to the website “on our own”, as long as we have people that can access the Neos backend and fill the content in.

Natalie, user tracking and and analytics are of course important factors and probably lessons can be learned from that data—does anyone have access to the Google Analytics data?

Then there is a “Neos begeistert” website project for the German target group—while I also do like this idea, maybe a good idea would be to make the current Neos website in German and English, after content improvements made?

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