Proposal: visual NodeType show-case / gallery

There is a website Show Case and a package / extension directory available on the Neos website.

I’m curious about NodeTypes, that designers and developers / agencies have created. Some of those can be found hidden among the packages. Hidden because they aren’t immediately accessible to the eye.

I propose offering a gallery of NodeTypes on the Neos website, where designers can proudly present what they’ve come up with and how it works, in a visually accessible way.

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The problem is that those NodeType configuration and rendering can easily be shared but css and js are nowadays quite specific for the buildchain a project uses. Would be great to find a good solution for that but I would consider this a hard problem.

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Do you mean that NodeTypes in most cases are not coded as independent, reusable components? That would indeed inhibit reusing a NodeType in a different project right away. :thinking:

For a gallery, a couple of :tv: screenshots, a :video_camera: video / gif and description and maybe a voting / :heart: like feature would be sufficient for a start. Then it would be possible to see if NodeTypes with high popularity can then be refactored for sharing.

The inspiration factor and showing off what’s possible with Neos would be a powerful catalyst for further development of interesting NodeTypes, just as the packages already have inspired new functionality.

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For us NodeTypes can easily be copied and adjusted between projects and in multisite projects we often create them in a shared package. But this is reusing inside a single company that uses similar build chains in all projects.

Offcourse the NodeTypes could be distributed wir compiled css and JS but that would not be good for projects that want to control the css an js.

An interesting approach would be to render node-types via web-component that at least provide isolation for the css and js. However this has other drawbacks and the web still needs to evolve here.

Currently the copy and adjust approach works best in many cases. But a really good way to standardize css and js definition and embedding would be benefitial not only for Neos but the whole web.

I love this idea! There is so many possibilities and ways to do things - a “show off” area for sharing and seeing this is really great!

I like the idea even though I think it quite some effort to build.

Maybe it could combined with what I discussed on twitter to have something like CodePen for Fusion. Which could build upon the Fusion Live Editing from

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That’s an interesting idea!
To keep it attainable, starting simple and without live NodeTypes, that actually function on the site, - but using purely presentational assets like images - will already serve the desired purpose.

Can I suggest a link to a repository/gist where the nodetype is available.

And if there is no repository available,
at least a way to get in touch with the developer. just released the tool I always wished for:
So this is also a first step into the direction of a show case/gallery for Fusion Components.

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Awesome, I love it already

This is really a cool idea. Allow to tag fuion-pens for a library that can somehow be searched and we instantly have a really nice component library.

For now just with Fusion and CSS but this should cover many aspects already.

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