Protocol: General Team Meeting | 2015-06-10

General Team Meeting, June 10th 2015

Participants: Aske, Robert, Markus, Bastian, Christopher, Dmitry, Karsten


:heavy_check_mark: Reviews + bugfixes
:heavy_check_mark: Released a bunch of releases
:heavy_check_mark: Met with Berit to discuss new website
:heavy_check_mark: Participated in community group meeting
➜ Finish abstracts for developer days
➜ Go over scrum board for 2.0 release
➜ Fix more 2.0 issues
➜ Release 2.0 beta 4
➜ Announce next code sprint
➜ Move to & add SSL
➜ Communicate about the team meeting in Munich together with Christian (Neos weekly)


:heavy_check_mark: spent a couple of days setting up the new infrastructure, Discourse and Crowd in particular
:heavy_check_mark: Karsten set up documentation rendering with Read the Docs
:heavy_check_mark: Christian has been mostly working on the Neos 2.0 release
➜ keep focussing on getting Discourse & Crowd live


:heavy_check_mark: will join codesprint and dev days
:heavy_check_mark: proposed session about Search with Sebastian
➜ prepare Demo package with elastic
:heavy_check_mark: fixed or helped fixing stuff for dimensions
➜ try finalize open features for SEO
➜ try finalize Documentation for Seo Package
:skull_and_crossbones:/➜ translating Seo Package, problems with inspector
➜ ElasticSearchContentRepositoryAdapter with dimensions


:heavy_check_mark: Reviews and bugfixes for Flow 3.0 & Neos 2.0
:heavy_check_mark: Updated “Getting Started” tutorial (WIP), feedback welcome:
:heavy_check_mark: Lots of discussions
➜ Share ideas about “decision making guideline”


:heavy_check_mark: Some reviews and fixes for 2.0
➜ Crowd plugin for Neos


:heavy_check_mark: Fixed a couple of bugs and did some reviews
:heavy_check_mark: Worked on new help text feature


:heavy_check_mark: did a bunch of releases
:heavy_check_mark: made Flow and Neos docs fit for
:heavy_check_mark: pushed some Flow bugfixes, did a few reviews
:heavy_check_mark: asked EAB for code sprint budget
➜ set up (with Robert)


:heavy_check_mark: done
➜ next steps
:skull_and_crossbones: impediment
ⓘ background info
♫ celebrated
:hammer_and_pick: work
:snowman_with_snow: snow
:balance_scale: life / work balance in danger


:heavy_check_mark:/➜ continuing on the Neos Funding process
:heavy_check_mark: wrote abstracts for Developer Days (+ handed in sessions)
:heavy_check_mark: tried to help people in the Slack channel

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:heavy_check_mark: Met with Aske to talk about the website relaunch
:heavy_check_mark: Participated in community group meeting
:heavy_check_mark:/➜ works on mockups and a fresh site package for the website relaunch
:heavy_check_mark:/➜ works on adding all new show cases
ⓘ will be on holidays from june 13th - 28th

Thanks for posting but I somehow miss a plan/dicussion about the next steps towards 2.0 final. I think that’s crucial. Did you talk about it?

Good point. We briefly addressed it because I also think that it’s crucial. Aske doubts that the final would be realistic for June still given the current pace… I think we urgently need to tackle release management. Aske already did some jira cleanups today, thanks for this :wink: