Protocol: General Team Meeting | 2015-06-17

General Team Meeting, June 17th 2015

Participants: Aske, Dmitri, Bastian, Markus, Karsten


:skull_and_crossbones: Quite busy currently
:heavy_check_mark: Wrote abstract for developer days talk
:heavy_check_mark: Went over scrum board for 2.0 release
:heavy_check_mark: Some reviews
➜ Contact server team to fix
➜ Finish coordinating remaining abstracts for developer days
➜ Fix more 2.0 issues
➜ Release 2.0 beta 4
➜ Announce next code sprint
➜ Move to & add SSL
➜ Communicate about the team meeting in Munich together with Christian (Neos weekly)


:heavy_check_mark: Wrote abstract for developer days talk with Sebastian
:heavy_check_mark: SEO: Open Graph Support (
:heavy_check_mark: SEO: XML Sitemap (
➜ Evaluating how to add localization labels from 3rd party package like TYPO3.Neos.Seo (will ping Rens)
➜ SEO Dokumentation


:heavy_check_mark: Lots of reviews, testing/fixing, communication
➜ Push simplified version of “Flowpack.Neos.FrontendLogin” (w/o custom model, UserService, …) (NEOS-1340)
➜ Continue evaluating/improving Microsoft Windows installation UX (NEOS-1333)
➜ Try to improve code migration handling (FLOW-223 and related) -> come up with a concept to discuss on
:skull_and_crossbones: Please provide feedback on rewritten “Getting Started Tutorial” WIP (


:heavy_check_mark: merged changes to generate signals references
:heavy_check_mark: document translation process (
:heavy_check_mark: worked on Crowdin setup more
➜ check results of Signals rendering
➜ “finalize” Crowdin changes and announce them


:heavy_check_mark: Worked on contextual help messages
➜ Finish skipping default language URI segment


:heavy_check_mark: done
➜ next steps
:skull_and_crossbones: impediment
ⓘ background info
♫ celebrated
:hammer_and_pick: work
:snowman_with_snow: snow
:balance_scale: life / work balance in danger


:heavy_check_mark: spent about 3-4 days with the new Crowd / Discourse setup with Andi, still not finished, but major problems solved

:skull_and_crossbones: was quite busy with a project recently
♫ managed to survive the deadline of that project :wink:
:heavy_check_mark: Started working on the localization changes again
➜ Would appreciate reviews of
➜ Continue on node type property translations


:heavy_check_mark: Continued on Funding Process
➜ continue with Funding Process
:heavy_check_mark: figured out next steps regarding GitHub Migration together with Christian
➜ continue with GitHub Migration
:heavy_check_mark:/➜ worked on possibility to restrict editing to a certain language as an important Neos customer needs that
:heavy_check_mark:/➜ got Neos working on Bitnami MAMP stack; will try other stacks as well.
♫ awesome that is now open to the next group of people :slight_smile: