Protocol: General Team Meeting | 2015-09-09

General Team Meeting | 2015-09-09

Attending: Aske Ertmann, Christian Müller, Robert Lemke, Karsten Dambekalns, Sebastian Kurfürst, Markus Goldbeck, Tobias Gruber


  1. finalize the Github move (
  2. plan / agree on project / team structure / procedures
  3. develop the Neos brand
  4. roadmap for Neos product (Neos 2.1 and beyond)
  5. roadmap for growing contributions


:heavy_check_mark: A couple of reviews
:skull_and_crossbones: Spend time setting up Github development environment for older branches
:heavy_check_mark: Fixed and improved various things for plugin views (10 PRs in total) – reviews welcome
➜ Help finalize the Github move so we
➜ Collaborate with Berit on


:heavy_check_mark: Meet Neos
:hammer_and_pick: (needed to) work on customer projects (all Neos of course :wink: )
:heavy_check_mark: a couple of reviews
:heavy_check_mark: Edited the Neos Funding Platform announcement together with Tobias
➜ review PRs
➜ continue working workspaces features for Neos 2.1
➜ report about Meet Neos


:skull_and_crossbones:/:hammer_and_pick:/♫ working on (Neos) projects
:heavy_check_mark: merged release branches / scripts
:heavy_check_mark: Meet Neos
:heavy_check_mark: Neos Workshop
:heavy_check_mark: / ➜ Big refactoring NodeData/Node etc
➜ Github move tasks
:skull_and_crossbones: Needs sleep and probably holidays at some point


♫ had holidays
➜ help with GitHub Move
➜ (more long term) push CKEditor forward
:skull_and_crossbones: will attend code sprint in Frankfurt remotely


:heavy_check_mark: some participation in Slack and Discourse
:heavy_check_mark: Meet Neos was quite nice
:heavy_check_mark: worked on during this meeting :wink:
:skull_and_crossbones:/:hammer_and_pick:/♫ working on Neos projects


➜ working on content structure tree hide, synchronize
➜ ordering asset List
➜ tried local development system change github
:skull_and_crossbones: can not attend code sprint in Frankfurt completely, will try to attend on monday for team discussion in person and remotely the rest of the days in the evening
:skull_and_crossbones: a lot of personal stuff


:heavy_check_mark: worked really hard on Neos Funding
:heavy_check_mark: presentation at Meet Neos about Funding
➜ looking forward to have article on online about funding
➜ work on meet-neos news article
➜ details on neos funding website

:heavy_check_mark: done
➜ next steps
:skull_and_crossbones: impediment
ⓘ background info
♫ celebrated
:hammer_and_pick: work
:snowman_with_snow: snow
:balance_scale: life / work balance in danger

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:skull_and_crossbones:/:hammer_and_pick:/♫ going through Yandex Interface developer school, hope to bring some stuff back to Neos
➜ later this month will get back to my Neos changes (wizard, blank uri segment for dimensions etc)


:skull_and_crossbones: sorry to miss the wednesday meeting everytime, but I spend wednesday with my daughters
:skull_and_crossbones:/:hammer_and_pick:/♫ updating two big neos project to Neos 2.0
:skull_and_crossbones: performance / stability tuning/analysis
:heavy_check_mark: some participation in Slack and Discourse
:heavy_check_mark: github move testing, git repo trashing (only my personal fork currently)
:heavy_check_mark: move some gerrit patch to github, need to continue
➜ some contribution to the Contribute package
➜ try to fix the media package, thumbnail with fixed width / height (like squared, …)
♫ will attend code sprint in Frankfurt remotely for the full week