Protocol: General Team Meeting | 2015-09-16

General Team Meeting | 2015-09-16

Attending: Aske Ertmann, Christian Müller, Robert Lemke, Karsten Dambekalns, Markus Goldbeck

finalize the Github move ( ) plan / agree on project / team structure / proceduresdevelop the Neos brandroadmap for Neos product (Neos 2.1 and beyond) roadmap for growing contributions

:heavy_check_mark: attended t3cm last saturday
➜ working on content structure tree hide, synchronize
➜ ordering asset List
➜ tried local development system change github
ⓘ can attend on monday for team discussion in person and remotely the rest of the days in the evening
:skull_and_crossbones: project work
:skull_and_crossbones: still a lot of personal stuff

:heavy_check_mark: More reviews and helping out with PRs
:heavy_check_mark: Pushed “Improve exception output for subprocesses failing with fatal error”
:heavy_check_mark:/➜ Looked into new translations of Neos backend (NEOS-1486) – needs some work
➜ Review history module pagination from Patrick
➜ Help finalize the Github move so we(➜) Collaborate with Berit on
ⓘ Still need reviews for plugin view fixes/improvements and

:heavy_check_mark: Promoted Neos at fvw Kongress (tourism fair) in Essen, Germany
♫ all people coming to the booth were coming for Neos (with only one exception)
:heavy_check_mark: ➜ coordinate next steps for branding process together with Flo
➜ meet with Gina tomorrow, discussing what we can do on the sprint’s Monday regarding team structure / processes planning etc.

:heavy_check_mark: Reviewed current state of TYPO3Fluid (Standalone)
:heavy_check_mark: Created Pull Requests to improve backwards compatibility & stability
:heavy_check_mark: Wrote prototypical Flow adapter
:heavy_check_mark: Some fixes for 3.0.1 and features for 3.x
:skull_and_crossbones: still struggle with the new contribution workflow
➜ Provide Pull Requests
:heavy_check_mark: Prototype for registering routes via Settings.yaml (i.e. Welcome package can register its own routes and can be uninstalled w/o adjusting Routes.yaml)
➜ Create Ticket & PR
➜ Write RFC for “full integration of composer autoloading” (required for TYPO3Fluid and other 3rd party packages)

:skull_and_crossbones:/:hammer_and_pick:/♫ working on (Neos) projects
:heavy_check_mark: merged release branches
:heavy_check_mark: GH stuff to fix branches
:heavy_check_mark: Frankfurt Sprint Orga
➜ Big refactoring NodeData/Node etc
➜ Move changes to GH
➜ Github move tasks
➜ ♫ Sprint coming up
:balance_scale: Needs sleep and probably holidays at some point

:heavy_check_mark: some participation in Slack and Discourse
➜ Github move tasks
:skull_and_crossbones:/:hammer_and_pick:/♫ working on Neos projects

:heavy_check_mark: done
➜ next steps
:skull_and_crossbones: impediment
ⓘ background info
♫ celebrated
:hammer_and_pick: work
:snowman_with_snow: snow
:balance_scale: life / work balance in danger

:skull_and_crossbones::heavy_check_mark: Promoting Neos at Yandex Interface Developer school and, at the same time, learning JS properly to join efforts on JS refactoring
➜ Next week will try to get back to my Neos contributions (wizard, routeparthandler, etc), and hopefully participate in some discussions at the Sprint