Question & Discussion: Central links best practice

So, I wuold love to discuss different ways and your best practices to manage “global” pages that you need to link to in one way or the other.

Examples could be entry points to menus (think footer menu) or login pages that you need to link to, imprint, disclaimers etc.

If it’s really simple I just referenced them by their technical path or identifier in TypoScript so far and added them to a Sites.xml for developers that want to setup the project with an empty DB.

Another technique that works for a medium amount (I would say up to 5) of these is to have a specific homepage node type with properties for each of them and select them in the backend once. Then you can easily grab them from the site node.

That’s about it so far. If you have other examples, ideas or ideas I am interested to hear.

Very interesting topic!

I sometimes create a special node type for certain pages. For example i have an Imprint node type, that also carries the companies contact information. For header, footer and all the other places where this information is relevant, the information is read from there.

It’s also really easy to retrieve the imprint link this way.