Quotation Marks / german Anführungszeichen - How?


I am in a need for using “right” german quotation marks „“ in the ckeditor.
And just before I need to write my own plugin - I just wanted to ask for „best practices“ or already existing solutions.

Thanks alot.

(or: in general: how to add glyphs?)

Hi Hans,

there are keyboard shortcuts for special characters:

Alternatively, you can also extend the CKEditor, examples of which can be found in the following repo:

or in the documentation

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:slight_smile: Thanks for the nice Link - that helped a lot

I did some more research on that more-an-autocorrect-feature and stumbled over https://ckeditor.com/docs/ckeditor5/latest/features/text-transformation.html
Meaning, that the ckeditor already knows how to deal with that. (and I do not need to write a plugin, puh!)

How do I activate it in the internal Neos-CKEditor?
(via Plugin, which activates a Plugin?)