React.js with Neos?

anyone has done Neos with React.js?

@dimaip might have something to say to that.

React seems nice but so far I only find some topics around Angular.js. but I do believe React is quite scalable compared to others.

Yes! I do have to say something: React and Neos are awesome together!!!

I have created a childish json API with Neos using TypoScript:

And consumed it from React/Redux:

I didn’t try to get inlne editing working, though I have an idea how to do it.
Also you can render react from PHP with react-php and a V8 PHP extension, but I also didn’t need it.

The philosophy of React rendering is very similar to TypoScript, I may write about it some time.


Here is a blog post about using Neos with React

Some more ReactJS tutorials.