Real Life Example

Is there an actual site (with registration, login, creating/listing records, for example a forum) built with Neos which source code has been made available for public download? I’m learning Neos and it would be really useful to see.
If you know such sites and could share the link to the source code I would appreciate it.


Hi Daniel

@dimaip has open-sourced many of the projects he and his team has been working on during the last months. See or the other repos on Github to which he contributed - maybe this helps you to get you started!

Best wishes,

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Indeed here are all 6 of our Neos projects:

Of course, all of them have things which I would have done differently now, or that are not finished, so take an example with caution!

Btw, I really appreciate that my company allows me to opensource all of our code.
Not only does it give you free access to a huge amount of tools, like Github itself, but also it gives you internal motivation to write slightly better, slightly more documented code.
And also, it’s easier to help other and get help yourself, when your code is open.

So it makes sense if all’ya approach your bosses and start hosting code openly!


Thank you very much for the quick responses!