Rebuild Assets Resources


sometimes if I upgrade Neos it happens that the Resources in the Persistent folder are missing. Is there any way to rebuild them?

If i only can reupload them to get it work again it is not suitable.

There should also be the possibility to overwrite old media files by uploading new version into the media place and rebuild all Resources without selecting each image on each page again…


They should never disappear and I wouldn’t know why they should during an upgrade. The 1.x to 2.0 upgrade changed some things in resources but that’s the only time we touched them during an update. Also in that update they were just moved to a different folder structure. These are the “master” files so if they are lost you cannot rebuild them. Again they should never get lost, if that happens you should debug what happens there…

Replacing media files is a feature that is currently worked on and will come in the next version.