Recent client / agency feedback for Neos 2.0

When working with a partner agency that did the concept and design for a recent Neos 2.0 project I got a feedback document that describes some of their ideas and experiences when using the product (for editing, building the site, translating).

Overall say they’re pretty excited when using Neos so far and I should say thanks to the team for delivering such a great product.

I’ll just list the feedback and ideas here and translate it to english. We should see what could be discussed to improve Neos or what is actually a bug / needs a Jira issue or more feedback to reproduce.


Media module

  • Delete multiple assets at once
  • Replace the resource of an asset (“Replace image by…”)
  • With an active filter the filter is resetted after editing and you have to filter and search again
  • After editing you will end up on page 1 again instead of getting to the previously visited page
  • If an asset is used and cannot be deleted there’s only a notice without telling / linking the actual node
  • It would be nice to show all nodes that reference an asset so it can be unlinked (or provide an “unlink all” command)
  • There should be a “force delete” command when an asset is referenced

Site structure

  • Tree collapse state should be remembered if it was done manually (it’s tedious to work with many content collections)
  • The position / anchor should be remembered
  • The highlight of the current item should have more contrast
  • There’s no reload for new content when changing the page (new page with old content - so there’s a chance to edit an inactive page)
  • When reloading content all items should be deactivated for the cursor, otherwise the last mouse action (e.g. while doing drag&drop) is directed to an unexpected position and creates a wrong structure


  • Source view when editing content
  • Undo / protocol!!!
  • Aloha color picker / text color
  • Node drag and drop
  • A default node for positioning (9 tile) or alignment (scale 9)
  • Copying of nodes between languages


As a vision for publishing: a integration (especially for the demo site book) would be interesting and a great feature for many publishers (could rescue print).


Awesome feedback, Thanks!
But “Aloha color picker / text color” made me cringe :wink:


Hi Christopher, thanks for posting the feedback.

There’s a change for this in review, however it’s implemented with Angular which is why it has stalled…

I’ve heard a little bird talk about this might be funded soon.

Easily achievable, a ticket makes sense.

Don’t get this one.

I might have a sponsor for these two.

Related to

Currently there’s a difference between the structure tree and node tree, the structure tree uses focus whereas the node tree uses active (blue link). Also there are more states to take into account, e.g. when navigating using the arrow keys.

Sounds like

A ticket makes sense.

Will be possible with migrating to CKEditor

Not sure if this makes sense as a generic element, let’s discuss it.

Is it not possible or? If so that sounds like a serious bug.

An epic would be good.


Hi Aske,

thanks for the quick and extensive reply. I’ll create tickets for the points that aren’t planned yet. Did you create tickets for the features that could be sponsored?

Some additional replies from my side for a few points:

I understood it as the following and just tested in 2.0:

If you go to the media module, select a specific page in the pagination and then edit an asset you’ll end on page 1 after saving the changes. So your position in the asset list is gone (same as for the filter thing).

I’ll ask back on how that happened / what it means exactly. I could think it happened when changing the page while adding content through the structure tree and then you end up with a wrong state.

Yes I agree. I think this is a common requirement if you need “designed” placement of content over fullscreen backgrounds / headers. So it’s rather site package specific because it also depends on the specific CSS.

Just tested that again and for me it works. So I’ll ask what didn’t work. I remember an issue during the project where the root page was translated and after while a lot of new content was added to that page and should be translated as well. This is currently not possible, because you can use the “Translate with copy” operation only once. And deleting the root page for the translated language is also no good idea because then all other translated descendant nodes would be lost.

Hi Christopher,

You’re welcome :smile:

Ah, already created a ticket for that actually

Didn’t create tickets yet for the potentially sponsored one, feel free to. Not sure when it those sponsorships will happen though, just pointing it out.

Agree with most of this feedback matching with my needs when I edit many website and also feedback from customers.

“Aloha color picker / text color” is true and needed in some cases.