Red Carpet: Improving Flow Behavior on Pre-Configured PHP stacks (such as XAMPP or Bitnami PHP; on Windows)

Hey everybody,

I just had a training where quite a few people were using standard “MAMP” stacks for development. As they had various issues, I decided to install one myself and try it out for a longer amount of time. Personally, I was using Bitnami MAMP stack.

Turned out that the experience was quite frustrating :wink: Actually Bitnami MAMP is a little weirdly configured; and after a few hours on my flight back I was able to figure out what actually was going wrong.

I just hacked together a first patch which improves the situation for the Bitnami MAMP stack tremendously, see for the Jira Ticket and for a patch.

Whenever I’ll be working on Neos (or integrating it) in the next days, I’ll try to not use the standard environment for me (because there, things usually work :wink: ) but rather test through these pre-configured PHP stacks to find these kinds of issues.

I hope this way we’ll also get closer to windows compatibility, which would be my mid-term goal (although on this one, I am not yet sure whether I find the full motivation to do it until the end :wink: )

Please comment, review, join if you like!

Keep on rocking,