Redirect issue to "404 - Not Found" Page in Neos.Demo (neos/flow 8.2.0)

Good Morning,

while testing a demo package in Neos 8.2 I have a redirect issue to “404 - Not Found” Page when I call a page that didn’t exist.

Here is the error message:

No Fusion object found in path "error"

Please make sure to define one in your Fusion configuration.
Exception Code	1332493990
Exception Type	Neos\Fusion\Exception\MissingFusionObjectException
Log Reference	20221226010021a7ecac
Thrown in File	Data/Temporary/Development/Cache/Code/Flow_Object_Classes/Neos_Fusion_Core_Runtime.php
Line	889
Original File	Packages/Application/Neos.Fusion/Classes/Core/Runtime.php

I checked the existence of the file /Packages/Sites/Neos.Demo/Resources/Private/Fusion/Override/Error.fusion - it is present:

# Error matcher to render the 'notfound' child-document of the homepage
# for exceptions with 4xx status code
error {
    @context.notfoundDocument = ${q(site).children('notfound').get(0)}

    4xx {
        @position = 'start'
        condition = ${statusCode >= 400 && statusCode < 500 && notfoundDocument}
        renderer = Neos.Fusion:Renderer {
            @context.documentNode = ${notfoundDocument}
            @context.node = ${notfoundDocument}
            renderPath = '/root'

Has anyone had the same error message?
Thanks a lot.

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Hi :wink:

Error should be defined as case somewhere:

error = Neos.Fusion:Case

Please ensure that you dont reset that path …

Other than that I would try to debug why error has no object assigned and if a certain file is not loaded… (but that’s certainly advanced, maybe someone else has a better solution)

Hello Marc,

thanks for your tip, it helped me. As a test I tried to include the error matcher from “Packages/Application/Neos.Neos/Resources/Private/Fusion/Error/Root.fusion” to “Packages/Application/Neos.Neos/Resources/Private/Fusion/Root.fusion”:

include: Error/Root.fusion

and it worked.
I compared the Fusion binding “Neos.Neos” (8.2 vs. 7.3) and found that the error matcher in 7.3 was contained in the “Packages/Application/Neos.Neos/Resources/Private/Fusion/DefaultFusion.fusion”. DefaultFusion.fusion itself was included in “Packages/Application/Neos.Neos/Resources/Private/Fusion/Root.fusion”. If I’m not mistaken, in 8.2 seems to have inactive error handling (404) by default.

Kind regards,

Thanks for investigating this- this was indeed a regression and is now fixed :wink:

Thank you too :wink:

Thanks @akxn and @Marc for your investigations.

I have temporarily used this workaround for some site including the Neos.Neos Error Root.fusion in my site’s Root.fusion like this:

include: resource://Neos.Neos/Private/Fusion/Error/Root.fusion
include: **/*.fusion

This worked so far, but not sure if this is a good idea :slight_smile:

with the bugfix release you wont need this anymore :wink: (and should definitely get rid of it later as this could cause odd order issues)

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