Refreshing our JS CGL

Even though we have some documentation on our coding style for JS, I have the feeling it is rather outdated, incomplete and tucked away in some remote part of the documentation.

I came across the Airbnb JS CGL recently and even though I haven’t read all of it nor do I think all of it applies to us, they seem to have given a lot of thought to all this…

Would that be something to (re-)use at least partly?

Great idea, that would of course be a part of our JS refactoring initiative. Maybe @inkdpixels has an idea?

It’s very outdated and does not apply anymore really, I’d suggest to get rid of it.

I also imagined that being part of the JS refactoring, but the Airbnb one definitely looks good. Currently we code in ES5, thus also can be used but we’re going to ES6 soon and there we could use the latest version.

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