Release Notes / Functionality documentation in general

I must say, I really appreciate the way, Visual Studio Code developers introduce new features and inform about updates and changed behaviour of new VS Code releases.

In addition to a nicely structured appearance with headings for areas of interest (e.g. Workbench, Editor, Debugging, …), they don’t just have textual descriptions, but short animations / video screen captures, that don’t tell but SHOW what the change is about and how the new functionality is used in effect.

Even this short text of mine, above ^^ fails to give you a quick impression of what I’m talking about — you’re forced to read it, and then to imagine what that means …

So, here is a link for a visual impression:

How do you all like this as inspiration for upcoming release notes and documentation (refinement)?


i must say that i really liked the last relase: Neos 7.3 LTS "White Rabbit" Released - Blog -