Release process topic sprint, Hamburg, January 15th/16th 2019

(Karsten Dambekalns) #1

On January 15/16 2019 a topic sprint will take place at the sitegeist office in Hamburg. It will target our release process, what the current state is and how it can be improved. The focus is on the technical side of things!

Most people that we’d like to see at the sprint are in the Doodle already. If you’d like to participate, feel free. But the sprint should not grow too much… :slight_smile: so let us know in advance.

More details will follow here!

(Karsten Dambekalns) #3

Ok, the sprint is coming closer really fast… let’s get this organized.

When do we start?

@gina and I (@kdambekalns) targeted 9:00. If that works depends pretty much on @gerhard_boden and @christianm, as everyone else in the Doodle comes from (near) Hamburg. So, would that be ok for you?

When do we end?

We planned to end the days at 18:00, hopefully that gives enough time to travel back home for everyone that has a longer journey.

Where do we meet?

At the sitegeist office, Poßmoorweg 2, 22301 Hamburg-Winterhude


Day 1

  • 9-13 we’ll do event storming to start off, going through the events together
  • lunch
  • 14-18 work on identified hotspots and draft possible solutions

Day 2

  • 9-13 documentation of the structure / process
  • lunch
  • 14-18 create tasks on GitHub (acceptance criteria!), write blog post, potentially start to work on tasks


I will prepare all (known) release process events before the sprint and will put them up before we start. Gina will guide us through the sprint with the usual awesomeness. Participants should think about all steps, problems and potential improvements to the release process before the sprint starts.

What do we actually work on?

The tasks are to be defined on the first day, but a board exists and even contains some issues already, that were created in the past.

(Christian Müller) #4

Still figuring out the details but I think I will travel on Monday then and be around on Tuesday at 9 obviously. I might leave early on Wednesday though to get home on that day.

(Gina Steiner) #5

We rescheduled the sprint, it will take place on 21st and 22nd of February 2019 at the same location.

(Gerhard Boden) #6

Since I did not get a permit to join this sprint yet, there is little to no chance that I will meet you guys this week.

We’re in the middle of our largest project and chasing from milestone to milestone, which is most likely the most obvious reason why I wasn’t “allowed” to join you guys. I asked multiple times and I’m pretty bummed out, since I’m very interested in the (upcoming) release technique.

Have a great sprint guys! Maybe I can somehow find the time to help in some of the upcoming tasks.

(Karsten Dambekalns) #7

Yeah, so this time (again) you will be missing, as well as @christianm. To put the icing onto the cake, it turned out I need to attend an appointment on 21st (and no, there is no other option, and yes, it’s “family beats project”-important), so I could be in Hamburg only around 16:00.

How should we proceed? Do the event storming on Thursday afternoon and continue on Friday?

(Martin Ficzel) #8

Fine with me, we should definetly get this done and not delay it further. I myself will have a family appointment on Friday 15-17:00 aswell. Me and Wilhelm are here and willing to sprint.

(Gina Steiner) #9

same here, i will be there on thursday and friday.

(Karsten Dambekalns) #10

Ok, so I’ll join you in the afternoon on Thursday. :+1: