In todays General Meeting we briefly discussed about reconsidering “”. It is somewhat inconsistent as discuss it is a verb unlike other subdomains we use.
Personally I’d prefer to use “<tool>” for infrastructure as it seems to be the most flexible solution (imagine, we’ve had “” instead of “”).

We already renamed the discourse subdomain recently, but now would be the chance to re-consider so please vote:

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Even thoughI’m not looking forward to the work involved, I agree that is more consistent.

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@bwaidelich ah, again: we can’t see who voted and we can’t make sure that only team members vote. What to do about that? Could you check if there’s some way to realize that in Discourse?

Hey everybody,

I personally like “discuss” more than discourse :slight_smile: But don’t know why :wink:

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What bugged me while using “discuss” was that sentences like “yeah, just let’s continue the conversation on discuss” didn’t come naturally. On “Discuss”? Or “”? “Let’s discuss it on discuss”? That’s where a tool-name is a much better fit.

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I personally dislike tool.domain as it locks you to the tool, that’s imho a bad naming scheme. Even though we already use that, and switching all of them would be too much work :wink:

So I like discuss tbh, but won’t block any change as I rather see a consistent scheme.

Tool names are not my favorit either. Purpose would be nicer :wink:

So either, discuss, discussion or

My 2cnts. :wink:

I agree, but what if we decide to swap the tool (like we did with mantis > redmine > jira)?

To me that wouldn’t make a difference: it is about the user experience, not about the tooling :wink:
You expect discussions / conversations, tooling should be as much in the background as possible and design should give a user the feeling of improvement when switching tooling…

Again: my opinion :wink:

Henjo, Rens, I agree from a users POV high-level subdomains are much nicer.
But in any case we should have a consistent scheme which would mean that we’d have to move, too.
And, more importantly: when we change tools or add complementary ones for the same purpose, we’d run into problems. Remember, we used to have and had to add with the move from Mantis to Redmine. That was even more confusing to the user IMO.
And just replacing the domain is no option IMO because it would break all links. Well, maybe that could be worked around with some very clever redirects but mostly you want to have some kind of grace period with both tools working side-by-side (like we had with mantis, redmine & jira)…

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Right, it seems there is no such feature currently for the discourse polls (and they’re lacking some other important features). In this case I didn’t see it as a problem that non-members can share their opinion though.

The ideal situation and reality seems to be in conflict more often :wink:
Let’s take the best pragmatic approach we can think of - eyes ahead!

that’s the key argument: as we experienced with Forge, we’ll need some transition time sometimes when two tools need to be accessible at the same time. So, while I agree with “discussions.*” etc being the nicer names, I still think that “” is better in this case and is consistent with the subdomains we already have. To be honest, I also wouldn’t like to invest the work at the moment to rename jira.*, crowd.* etc.

So I guess this is decided with 45%:40% !?

Not sure what to make of it. But I think, considering that there is no clear vote in favour of one alternative and looking the work involved, it would be fine to leave it as it is now.