Polls for a closed group of voters

Continuing the discussion from Renaming discuss.neos.io:

Brain dump: Would it be possible to have a poll in a topic that is closed for a group of people to reply in? And would that affect the ability to vote?

Thanks for bringing this up again, I overlooked @robert’s remark.
Unfortunately the discourse polling feature seem to be quite limited still. Maybe they’ll add these features at some point.
As a (transitional) solution we could use Google Forms. They have some nice features and if we place them into a Neos/Polls folder in the google drive we should be able to control access:


So I enabled the Only allow one response per person (requires login) setting for this form which seems to hide it from discourse if you’re not logged in to your google account.
Re “control access”, it seems Google Forms don’t behave the same as other google documents in that they are always public. But with the “requires login” flag we could filter out any non-member votes.

Even though I am logged in to Google, your post only shows a blank area for me, where I think the poll should be.

Really? Weird, because I got 2 responses… Might have been me (I only enabled “one response per person” later).
But I can’t tell because apparently you need Google Apps in order to do non-anonymous polls…

I replied, too :smile:

Looking at https://github.com/discourse/discourse/blob/master/plugins/poll/plugin.rb it seems the Discourse poll plugin doesn’t even store the voter’s identity yet. At least if I correctly decoded that ruby code…
In the API it also only lists number of votes and number of voters: Polling in Discourse

Since the code is not tooo complex, I think it would be feasible if we adjusted that plugin to our needs (and contribute it back, if possible). In particular, I would like the following features:

  • only allow members of a specific (Discourse) team to vote
  • ability to show who voted and which option he / she chose (could be possible to disable that by an option)
  • send a request to some (Neos) plugin when closing the vote, with vote data as JSON so we can display decisions at some page on neos.io

… or, if we go that route with the Neos plugin anyway, we could simply start the polls in Neos and find a way to easily embed the vote widget into Discourse.