Request for funding: XDebug support for Flow and Neos

Last year at the Neos Conference, Derick Rethans demoed a proof of concept which added a path mapping feature to Xdebug, making debugging of Flow and Neos applications much easier (Video).

This is one of the most requested improvements related to testing and debugging Flow and a long time after I first spoke about this with Derick some years ago, we now can make this happen.

However, since it is a complex task, Derick needs some funding for this. He described the project in detail (see the attached PDF or the original Google Doc) and estimated that he needs a budget of £ 12.000 for the development.

Someone from the Wordpress community also expressed interest in the feature and offered to sponsor £ 5.000. Now I would like to ask you, the Neos community, to take the initiative and provide the remaining funds. I’ll make the start and offer 500 € from Flownative. So, are you in as well?

What we can do is, collect the interested parties in this thread, then the Neos Foundation sends you an invoice for sponsoring and Derick then sends an invoice to the Neos Foundation.

I’m very much looking forward for smooth debugging sessions with Neos and Flow!

Native Xdebug Path Mapping-1.pdf (90.2 KB)


We’ve created a funding badge “Xdebug Neos Support Sponsor” where you can easily support this request:


Thanks @robert for taking the initiative here. We tried to reach out to Derick several times after Neoscon it seems he didn’t have time to further pursue this. Great that it is on track now.

As this is an important feature for us at visol, @jrenggli and I decided that we will sponsor € 2000 for this feature. We hope some other agencies also step forward with support.


We will also support this initiative to improve XDebug support for Flow and Neos with €2.000.


Here we are, two weeks later, and we managed to collect 4.840,21 € so far (already subtracted 136,29 € PayPal fees).

A bit thank you to Visol and Sandstorm for the big donations and to @ahaeslich and @bwaidelich for adding personal donations!

However … we haven’t reached our funding goal yet – we still need roughly 2.500 €. Given the importance to our development tool chain, aren’t there any more companies who’d like to invest into this feature?

I hope that we can mobilize some more and I keep you posted when we achieved our goal.


Hi there! We at networkteam will also contribute 500€ to improve the Xdebug and Flow developer experience.

Thanks for the initiative. :heart:


Would offer another 500€ from fucodo GmbH. How to send the money, and will there be an invoice? What is the current state of funding, is that transparent somewhere?


at you can by the " Xdebug Neos Support Sponsor" badge with a variable price. That way you will also get an invoice from the Neos Foundation e.V.

I would also be interested in the total state.

For unknown reason, my bank blocks the paypal transaction. Will try lateron. From my calc we should be pretty near the 12k€

For transparency we are working on an exply dashboard but that is not self-updating (yet)

With my two cents the current amount would be 5.902,74€ (net)

@Marc You’re right, the current net amount is 5.902,74€

@kaystrobach If you haven’t ordered the badge yet, you can ask @marika (in Slack “@marika” as well) to send you an invoice and pay via transfer. That will save us some fees we’d have to pay for Paypal.

That means:

  • Derick asked for 12.000 British Pounds, which currently equals about 13.909 Euros
  • Luca (the other sponsor) offered 5.000 €
  • including Kay’s sponsorship we have raised 6.402,74 €
  • 2.506,25 € are missing to reach the goal

Derick offered to create a post on his website for further attention. Personally, I’m running out of ideas of whom to ask.

We might consider letting the Neos Foundation adding the rest, but on the other hand, with Neos 9 and such, we really need every Cent of our small budget to get things going.

Any help is appreciated …

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Hey everyone,

there seems to be quite some interest to get this topic going but we are missing some Euros. We have spent 2 months with fundraising and have collected a considerable part.

I would like to propose to put in the missing money from the Neos Foundation’s budget. What are your thoughts on that?


It removes one of the few valid technical arguments against Neos. And since we cannot do it ourselves properly I consider this money well invested.

I suggest that if nobody has concerns about spending foundation money on this until 1st of May, I go ahead and ask Derick to start with the implementation (and that we cover the costs).


Any news on that?how is the processing with the badges? Can I just download it, or do you send some kind of certificates? :smiley:

I wanted to wait a little bit until I get the final confirmation, but I can tell already that this week, due to another sponsor, the project was finally fully funded, without the Neos Foundation having to cover any costs. Derick will let me know, when everything is definitely settled and then about how the work progresses.

As for the badges … actually I don’t know :upside_down_face:@tobias do you know how those supporter badges are usually distributed?


Wohoo, this is awesome news!

Actually, @marika sent the badge in my case.

via mail or slack? did not recognize something on these channels. I’ll ask her.