Request: what is a clean way to get URI path?

(Frank Mittendorf) #1

Hello to all!

Today I stuck into to get the URI path in a controller.
It seems all earlier methods are depricated in Flow 5.2 (i.e. like $request->getBaseUri(), $request->getRelativePath(), …).

Ok, annotations saying use “UriHelper::getRelativePath()” and so on.
But above helper needs two parameters of type “UriInterface”.

Currently I have no idea how to implement this in my controller.

Does someone have some tipps? Or is there an other way to get this information?


(Christian Müller) #2

Please ignore those deprecations and use the methods. I am revising this whole part anyway.

(Frank Mittendorf) #3

Hello Christian!

Thank you for your very quick reply!

Ok, than I’m going on as usual…