Restricting access to media asset collection

Hi everyone,
I have a site in which there are a lot of media asset collections and tags (12+ each). What I wanna do is create a type of user that can only see 2-3 collections that I set for him: I’ve been using “ReadAssetCollectionPrivilege” and I’m creating a matcher for each collection (see picture), but when I go check to see if it works, both the Admin and the user can’t see these collections, whether I grant permission or not. Am I approaching this the wrong way? Or am I missing something?
Also is there a way to hide ALL asset collections easely?
Thanks in advance!

Ok so I managed to Only show the Tag and collections I want, but I would also like to hide the “All” section and the “All” & “Untagged” tags; Because they defeat the whole point of not showing the rest of the media for this user. Is there any way to hide those?

matcher: 'isWithoutCollection()'

is what you are looking for