RFC Documentation Top-Navigation

Neos currently has different content silos. To make discovery and switching easier for users, I propose a top navigation. That’s an idea from the docu-guild from the docu sprint in Hamburg.

The top navigation should be visible in the docs (new docu website), API references (readthedocs) and forum.

I have done a first very simple design. The goal is to be unobtrusive and useful. See:

Ideas? Thought? Improvements?


I like that idea a lot.

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Finally! I missed that in the current docs. But please do not completely hide it in Mobile :frowning: The Topbar links can be shown in the responsive navigation below, or maybe somewhere in the footer?

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Would be great to add to the forum as well.

Btw. it links to “Documentation” on readthedocs, it that meant to be deprecated for docs and only used for API references or?

@aertmann Exactly, that’s the proposal to also have this bar in the forum.

@Documentation link, you are right. I fixed it.

As you can see when you read this, this is now implemented for the forum.

Adjustments can be made by anyone with access to the Admin > Customize functionality.


Cool, I love it.

Just noticed the first one is a little confusing “Neos” instead of “Website” or s.th.

Changed it in the docs, @kdambekalns I don’t have admin access to the forum, can you adopt it there as well.