RFC: Focus on Mastodon instead of Twitter

Considering the current meltdown and increasingly uncomfortable environment at Twitter, I’d like to make a simple suggestion: Use Mastodon for that kind of communication we previously used Twitter for.

More practically, I suggest to set up a proper profile for Neos Team (@team@neos.social) - Neos Community and start posting from that account. Then we would add a link to that profile into our Twitter profile, so people can find us, and announce on Twitter, that we can be found at Mastodon and will primarily post new news there. We should also update our website to communicate that we are present in the Fediverse.

As for my part, I’d be fine if we “hibernated” the Neos Twitter account, so keep it, but not actively use it.

What do you think?


I think it’s the right way to post primarily to mastodon, but tweet links (not the entire content) to the toots to make people aware that still something is going on but somewhere else.

We then should also add the verifications to Neos.io for the official accounts.


As I use both now, but more Mastodon. I like the idea :slight_smile:

Fine as long as we are crossposting to the legacy social services … does buffer support mastodon?

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not yet.

Yes, please, Mastodon as primary publication channel and crossposting to Twitter

I’d like to suggest to go even one step deeper into the fediverse and host a peertube instance as well: https://joinpeertube.org/

However, it’s definitely not my place to make that call, because I have no idea whether this is feasible at all and I can’t tell how much effort it takes. I just think, that the recent momentum for decentralization is worthwhile supporting (and I’m hopeful that microblogging will not be the end of it :slight_smile: ).

Yes, we may look into that. I’m not ready yet to get into the details of hosting Peertube, but of course, if anybody else feels like it, go ahead!

We may also consider running a Pixelfed instance for our photos: https://pixelfed.org/

Regardless of those plans – let’s set up the @team@neos.social account properly (with picture etc). Anybody feels like it? Credentials are in 1Password.

I have adjusted the profile. So, we can use it and also added the @team@neos.social to the Twitter profile. Also added Mastodon to neos.io and docs.neos.io