RFC: Full screen secondary inspector by default

Currently the secondary inspector view (used by the Media module and the cropping UI), is loaded on top of the website, so the inspector and the navigate component stay visible.

After some editors training, I discover that lots of them work on laptop, with small screen, not speaking about tablet or other touche devices.

Some screenshot of the current status:

Media Module:

Crop Editor:

I think we need to offer a more “focused” experience in those situation. The secondary inspector is open when the user decide to do a really specific action (browser media, cropping … or whatever action you can imagine).

So from my POV, we need full screen inspector, here are some screenshot (same resolution):smile:

Media Module:

Media Module (edit):

Crop Editor:

JS editor need some modification, but nothing really big, maybe we can also add a title in the top left corner.

So by default:

  • Clicking on the top right button (close), should close the secondary inspector and reset the current change
  • Action need to be confirmed or canceled in the action bar, with traditional button

What do you think about this change ? I have the CSS parts, done done, need some work on the JS side, but wait your feedback before continuing.


I would like that change! Looks very clean that way and you cannot do something in the other areas anyway.

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Good Idean, it makes sens, same issues here.


also makes sense to me!

All the best,

Ready for review, enjoy, please comment on Github, i close this RFC