RFC: Introduce Stale-Bot on dev collections

Hey there,

the number of open PRs in the dev-collections which are not worked on for months are increasing constantly. Currently we have about 60 open PRs for the Neos Development collection. I go over the old ones every now and then. The authors were pinged on a regular basis without response.

I watched the work of the stale bot in other projects. It automatically reminds the authors of a PR getting stale and closes the PRs if there is no activity for another period of time.

I’d like to activate the stale bot with a very relaxed schedule, like 2 months for getting stale, another month for closing the PR with a friendly message. What do you think?


Yeah! Stale bot is such a great thing! I’d totally vote for it.

Also for the WIP bot:

+1 for stale bot (what an awesome name).
With Draft PRs we don’t need a bot for WIPs IMO

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Related question: there is no way to turn a PR (back) into a draft, is there?

Apparently not (yet), see https://github.community/t5/How-to-use-Git-and-GitHub/Feature-Request-Switch-from-ready-to-draft-in-pull-requests/td-p/19107